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DOX INTERNATIONAL SERVICES, INCORPORATED was established, initially, to complement the immigration services of the Canadian Immigration Consultancy. At first, it functioned as an outsourcing arm, processing documents of CIC’s immigration applicants. But with the organization’s technical capacity and advanced infrastructure, DISI began operating as an individual body with core business in document imaging, data storing and internet-based processing with clear-cut advantages against expensive competitors.

DISI’s experience in servicing affiliate companies earned it a competitive edge against its competitors and continued to provide value-added documentation processing services to a large and diversified market base. The company utilizes advanced systems and technology to provide a cost-effective, efficient and worry-free outsourcing service, in forms processing, imaging, data entry, database management and back file conversion while ensuring the utmost integrity, accuracy and security in all documents handled.

An organization performing in accordance with the highest standards of documents processing and employing knowledgeable and skilled personnel who are efficient, trustworthy and innovative in providing services to all clients.

To become the leading documents processing company locally and internationally, offering full solutions to clients’ information processing needs.


  2. What is Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP)

    Nursing in the United Kingdom

    All nurses wishing to work in the UK, including those who have trained and qualified overseas, must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Since September 2005 all overseas nurses' programmes are being approved by the NMC and be delivered in partnership with Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and healthcare providers.

    Essentially, this course is designed to equip overseas registered nurses with the necessary academic and clinical skills to gain Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) registration.

    The Programme content is underpinned by the guiding principles of the NMC; to establish the philosophy and value of the NMC's requirements for programmes leading to entry onto the register as a registered nurse.

    The guiding principles relate to professional standing, public protection and fitness for purpose, practice and award. Specifically the Programme will include: responsibility for professional standing, adherence to the NMC Code of Conduct: Standards for performance, conduct and ethics, responsibility and accountability, ethical and legal obligations, respect for individuals and communities, the concept of patient centeredness, management of care, public health, the concept of life-long learning, clinical governance and evidence-based practice. Additionally the Programme will include: Basic Life Support, health and safety, moving and handling, managing complaints, pharmacy and drug calculations and administration of medicines.

    Overseas Nursing Programme

    Some employers are able to provide the Overseas Nursing Programme and will arrange to register you to start on the programme upon production of your NMC decision letter, as soon as you arrive in the UK. Provided you are accepted and meet the minimum standards to be accepted on the NMC register, as a nurse you will be required to undertake the Overseas Nursing Programme, if you have trained outside of the EEA.

    Whilst you complete the Overseas Nursing Programme and obtain your NMC registration, certain employers are able to offer you work as an ATA (Auxiliary Trained Abroad) or a HCA (Healthcare Assistant), provided your registration documents are all in order.

    The Overseas Nursing Programme is not widely available in the UK and therefore the NMC advise against travelling to the UK unless you are registered on an ONP Programme.

    1. Registered Nurses
    2. Excellent written and spoken English
    3. At least 12 months work experience as registered nurse

    If you and/or your friends/relatives are interested in this program please contact us and come to our Free Orientation (Monday to Friday at 2pm).

  4. Just got out of college and want to work abroad? One option is to enroll as a working student in the UK. We show you how.

    Inexperienced recent graduates looking for jobs overseas can take heart from a unique earning and learning program in the United Kingdom. Under UKs National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) program, you can study, work, and get paid a minimum wage of 5.80 (about P500) per hour in that country.

    What National Vocational Qualification?

    • NVQ is a competence-based qualification program offered by UK government-authorized institutions. When you take an NVQ course, you learn practical, work-related tasks that help you develop effective job skills and knowledge.
    • NVQs comply with nationally recognized UK standards for various occupations. The standards determine what a competent person in a given job is expected to do. As you progress through the program, you can compare your skills and knowledge with the standards and evaluate what more you need to learn to meet them.
    • NVQs are at Levels 1 to 5 of the National Qualifications Framework. Only level 3 and above are available for foreign students.
    • How are assessments made?
      NVQ participants are assessed in the areas of knowledge, understanding of work, and actual performance. An assessor will observe and question you to determine how well you know and understand your work. He will confirm with individual units within the NVQ when you have reached the required standards.
    • Where does an NVQ course lead?
      Completing an NVQ course can lead to the next NVQ level. If you complete an NVQ course at Level 3, you can go on to a higher education course that will give you a Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma, Foundation Degree, or vocational specialization in a related vocational area.

      You can go all the way to a Level 5 NVQ course or professional qualifications, usually in a related area.

    1. Newly graduate nurses (with or without work experience)
    2. Caregivers (with training certificate)
    3. Experience caregivers (without training certificate)

    If you and/or your friends/relatives are interested in this program please contact us.

  5. Doctors
  6. If you are a doctor with one of the following specialties; we can help you with a U.K. registration and assist you with professional employment in the U.K. and the immigration status for you and your family.

    Specialist doctors earn 60-65 pounds (4,200-4,550 Pesos) per hour or around 100,000 Pounds (7,000,000 Pesos) per annum/year.

    1. Consultants in the following specialties:
      • Audiological medicine
      • Genito-urinary medicine
      • Haematology
      • Medical microbiology and virology
      • Neurology
      • Nuclear medicine
      • Obstetrics and gynaecology
      • Occupational medicine
      • Paediatric surgey
    2. Consultants in the following specialties psychiatry:
      • Forensic psychiatry
      • General psychiatry
      • Learning disabilities psychiatry
      • Old age psychiatry

    If you and/or your friends/relatives are interested in this program please contact us.


Dox International Services, Inc. provides digital document management service using scanning, storage and retrieval systems that are available to our clients online. We are capable of archiving millions of documents per day using high-speed scanners and efficient and accurate software. Electronic document archiving increases retrieval efficiency, eliminates document loss, and reduces storage space requirements.

We aid companies in getting their information records organized and quickly accessible. We convert tons of paper records into electronic files that are convenient, legal, and readily available. DISI helps you take charge of your documents by storing them online, with immediate access from your computer. Instead of looking through file cabinets full of confusing folders, you can view any document on your PC screen in seconds.

DISI’s range of services will save you space, time and personnel. We integrate scanning, image and data processing, and document indexing into a single package. Stored images can be retrieved easily from any personal computer, while online indexes can be tailored to match your unique applications. Security restrictions on viewing and other applications can also be employed.


Our services consists of:

If you are struggling to figure out how to move your paper-based business to the digital world or if your customers are demanding more and better access to information, or information customized to meet their specific needs, a DISI Needs Assessment can solve your problems. During a Needs Assessment engagement, DISI consultants can help you understand the impact of outsourcing on your business and how it can help your organization capitalize on new markets and growth opportunities. Contact Us.


Document Preparation
This service was initially catered to our clients from the immigration business wherein documents are collected from immigration applicants. Prior to any data being entered, the source documents must be prepared. Preparation can include functions from mail receipt, opening, removal and document sorting, right down to flattening paper and staple removal. Outsourcing these labor-intensive functions creates corporate efficiencies.

Data Entry Processing
Data entry, extraction and processing is a multitasking theatre of operations that is handled by the best outcome approach. Each client has a specific end result that must be achieved.

Document Imaging
It is the conversion of paper documents into electronic images on computer. This eliminates the burden and costs associated with unnecessary file cabinets and on-site storage space while making retrieval easier than ever before.

Document Management
This will help companies convert stacks of paper records into electronic files that are convenient, legal and easily accessible. DISI helps you take charge of your documents by storing them online, with immediate access from your desktop computer. Instead of thumbing through hundreds of folders, you can view any document on your PC screen in seconds.

Document Retrieval
Document Retrieval as an integrated part of a document management system makes necessary business records available throughout the enterprise from anywhere to anyone and at anytime at the click of a button. The amount of time saved using our electronic retrieval system is enormous because it eliminates the wasted man-hours spent filing, searching, retrieving and re-filing paper documents.

Web Server
Dox provides access of electronic documents to our Canadian immigrant applicants and other private clients, anytime, anywhere via the World Wide Web.

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